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'89 SAAB 900: Leak Near Drive Shaft/Axle and More

It looks like my 900 has developed a couple rogue leaks. There appears to be oil dripping from the area where the driveshaft/axle meets the transmission/gear box. In addition, there appears to be a leak coming from a black hose that connects to the top of the gear box or transmission too. Initially, I thought it was coming from the gear box drain plug (that’s where the oil is dripping off of) but after spending some time under the car, I think those are the sources.

Anyway, here’s my question. Do you guys think it’s the inner or outer CV boot or a power steering boot that’s bad? I didn’t see any obvious tears or damage and the PS pump appears to be fine and dry. The reason I ask is in the hopes I can order the parts needed so I don’t have to pay a mechanic premium if they need replacement. The reason I suspect the PS system is the fact that after a few weeks of leaking slowly but steadily, the only fluid that appears to be less than max is what’s in the PS reservoir.

Related to that, there’s another leak that looks like it’s from some sort of pump or housing that’s farther back, maybe a foot and a half from the first leak. I tried sealing it but it didn’t stop the leak. So far I haven’t had any luck coming up with possible parts the mechanic might need to fix that leak as well. My Bentley’s got no clues either.

If I can’t find a possible solution, I’m taking it to the mechanic to see if he can get the leaks fixed or throw in some Lucas PS stop leak. I just don’t have the time, space or tools needed. Thanks for your input, maybe I’m just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Check the transmission oil. If you’re leaking transmission oil and you don’t refill it you’ll damage the transmission.

I say “oil” because you refer to the transmission as a gear box, and I’m assuming that means the car has a manual transmission.

CV joint boots don’t leak oil. If the boots are torn they will allow CV joint grease to be thrown out of the joint, but there is no oil in them. The grease is much thicker than oil.

Since you mentioned the power steering fluid is low, check the rack and pinion for leaks.

I’ve been keeping the engine oil topped off and the transmission oil is also just fine (SAABs actually use motor oil in the tranny, apparently). Sounds like my suspect is a leaking rack and pinion. But what the heck could be the thing farther back behind the left axle that’s leaking? Am I just better off sending it to the mechanic than throwing in some stop leak? The car runs fine, but I’m tired of my driveway looking like a leopard skin rug.