Ignition switch not the key cylinder

where is the ignition switch located on my 1979 cj5 304v8 tilt sterring? i keep hearing that i have to drop the sterring column. please help with where, how etc.

You shouldn’t need to drop the steering column. But, the switch is located on top of the column under the dash near the bottom. Held on with two screws. Has a rod that is attached to the lock cylinder. Should be an easy job.

It may give you some needed working room to lower the column. Just remove the bolts and let the wheel rest on the seat.

Yes you are only dropping the column, not removing it. There should be four brass bolts holding it up if jeeps resemble real cars. It is on the column and Haynes mnuals are everywhere and you can probably google it anyway.

You can google it and the pictures are nice. I just checked.