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Thanks Tester and Others-Random stalling Riviera

Replaced crank sensor but that didn’t do it so reluctantly replaced the ignition switch and cleaned up all of the ground connections. I’ve put about 500 miles on it now and out of town three times and no stall over the past month. I’m still not 100% but it sure should have stalled by now if it was going to. Never would have guessed the ignition switch but did the trick. Hardest part was trying to bolt the steering column back up again but a 2x4 helped that.

Well, good. For yours, the ignition switch may be the reason for intermittent stalls. For someone else, it could easily be another cause. It would be nice if we could now say, “Aha, NOW, we know what causes intermitent stalls!”; but, 'tain’t so. If it works, it works.

I don’t know where this one came from but it was when I was having stalling problems with my Riviera. I did everything and had it in two different shops. At any rate at the last post, I thought I had it licked but after driving it for a few months, it started stalling on me again.

Shot gun out. That’s it. I gave up after 530,000 miles and 20 years, enough was enough. It took me four days to find and buy a nice one year old G6 and everything worked on it and still does.

Sounds like a sensible decision. But it sure is frustrating to not know what was causing the stall-outs. Your story reminds me, one thing I like about that column in Hot Rod magazine “Hot Rod to the Rescue”, where they fix an older car that the owner thinks the diagnosis is too difficult & has given up. When some part or another is not working , they might well just replace it to get the customer’s car back on the road, but they never leave it at that. The send the dysfunctional part out to experts to figure out what exactly was wrong with it in the first place. In a recent column they had a bad carburetor and sent it to some carb expert shop called the Carb Shop or something like that. It was completely disassembled and they called out what was wrong, item by item. In that carb’s case there were like a half dozen things out of whack, including incorrect parts for that carb’s model number. It was satisfying to know they finally understood what was causing the problem.

The problem was there were no codes, no drop in fuel pressure, test light for the pump was on all the time and all electricals worked. Just like shutting it off. I’d run it around with the pressure gauge taped to the window and the test light connected to try and see what was going on. One of the shops I took it to the guy said he loved difficult problems as a challenge but he gave up too. I suspect it was a signal wire somewhere that was getting frayed or something but it was almost like clockwork when I hit about 5 miles it would stall, then start right up again. So maybe it needed a new wire harness or something. I’m happy now anyway.