88 Ranger diagrams are lying .help!



The timing is off on my 88 Ranger 2.3L manual trans. I need to disconnect the “in-line SPOUT” connector to set the base timing. I’ve looked at 2 different manuals. (Chilton & Delmar) and had 3 different mechanics look at it. The “in-line SPOUT” connector is NOT where it’s supposed to be! Anyone see this before? Did it get moved? How do I find it? I just need the dang timing set!


The SPOUT connector is usually right near the distributor and is nothing more than a small square plug on a pigtail.
Is that what you’re looking at, or for?

From memory, the Rangers were equipped with a 2.0 and a 2.3 and they used different ignition systems.
No confusion there is it?


Yep… that’s exactly what all the mechanics and myself have been looking for. We can’t find it. It’s crazy I know. Simple little 2 wire plug seems to have vanished.


Pretty darn sure it’s a 2.3L based on the VIN and configuration code and the ignition control being attached to the base of the distributor. No vacuum lines to the distributor. It’s the eec-iv/ ifm ignition.


It does have the gray module mounted on the side of the distributor?
I don’t remember off the top of my head, but are some of the wire colors on the module plug red/blue, yellow/green, dark green/yellow, dark blue, black, etc.
Just trying to make sure we’re on the same page.

One system (TFI IV) used those colors and the other did not if I remember correctly.
Will verify that with one of my manuals later.


Yeah, the gray ignition control module is mounted on the side at the bottom of the distributor. The connector to that is multicolored wires. I read a wiring diagram earlier today that seemed to show the spout wire might be yellow/lt grn and goes to terminal 36. Thanks for your help on this. Jayce


I’ll go check the plug and get the exact wire colors for you. Thanks again.


Take a look -strangely enough- at the battery tray on the corner closest to the engine.


WELLL go figger! The dang connector was over by the battery tray. Darkish orange and gray. Thank you all who responded. Especially you 87 Ranger. It was hiding in plain sight.


Yeah, that is a strange place to put it.

Like OK4450 said they are usually closer to the dist.

On my 87 2.9 it’s laying on top of the passenger side valve cover, near the dist.

Glad you got it squared away.