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Timing on my 94 chevy silverado

i am trying to set the timing on my trk. 94 chev silverado. 350 eng. auto . I can not find the set timing connector. it has to be disconnected before the timing can be set. It is not on the firewall next to the bundle of wires on the pass side.

Look under the the dash on the passenger side near the heater box should be a single tan wire with a black stripe. May have to pull carpet back some to locate it.

If you cannot find the timing set disconnect, simply removing the connector from the coolant temperature sensor will cause the computer to default to base time.

There is no spout connector to unplug on a 94 Silverado with the 350 to set the ignition timing. The timing is set the conventional way.

It wasn’t until the model year 95 Silverado where a spout connector had to be unplugged in order to set the ignition timing.


This truck should have the tan wire. Both my '88 and '93 Chevy trucks had it. You have to remove the plastic cover on the passenger side of the firewall, which is labeled with something like “fuse relay center” to see it. The plastic cover is held on with two or three plastic nuts. Unplug the single tan wire, the check engine light will come on, and you can then set your base timing, which is normally TDC on these engines. It’s there, you just have to pull that plastic cover to see it.

Tester, could it be that you meant year models 84 & 85 regarding the advent of electronic timing control? Even the TBI 2.8L on my 1988 S-10 has ECM controlled spark timing.

Nope. I looked up the procedure to set the ignition timing for the 94 Silverado and there’s nothing mentioned about unplugging a spout connector. Below that was the procedure for the 95 Silverado, and that year there’s a spout connector that has to be unplugged to set the ignition timing.


Well I hope that 007 is able to get his engine timed correctly and lets us know how it worked out. I checked my Motor manual and it confirms my recollection. All C/K trucks with fuel injection used electronic spark control that utilized a ‘spark disconnect.’ But, of course, there are errors and omissions and Canadian emission models, etc to muddy the water. Please set me straight, 007.

I checked one of my manuals and it also refers to a tan/black disconnect wire lead and I was always of the impression that any EEC controlled spark system with no vacuum advance mechanism has a grounding plug, test plug, SPOUT connector, or whatever the application refers to it as. Maybe I’m wrong.

It would seem to me that if the underhood sticker is intact that the timing info and any reference to a timing plug would be on that sticker although the location may not be specified.

I can’t say I remember specifically working on a '94 or '95, but all the TBI Chevy trucks I remember working on had the single tan wire you had to unplug before setting the timing to TDC. I am also curious about what was different about the '94 and '95 trucks.

I dont know where you looked it up tester but it is where i said it was. richard007 google 94 silverado timing connector and you can verify this on several websites.

thank you guys. i finally found it, i was under the dash on the pass side.