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Setting the ignition timing on an '87 Taurus

I have a buddy with an '87 Taurus. V6 3.0 Vulcan Engine. He is having the hardest of time trying to set the ignition timing.
The torque strut "roll restrictor "is in the way. Does anyone have experience timing these old fords?

You can probably remove it if it’s in the way. Put it back on and you’re done. Make sure the timing marks aren’t at the flywheel.

I do and it’s somewhat difficult to see the marks with the strut widget in the way. I used to remove mine at times when checking the timing just to get it out of the way.

One thing that MUST be done is to make sure the SPOUT connector is disconnected. Failure to do this will throw the timing about 8-10 degrees off.
That is just mentioned in case neither of you are aware of it. The SPOUT is located near the distributor and is a small block plug on the end of the wire harness.