88 ranger, 2.9 L, automatic transmission

My 88 ranger (apox. 186,000 miles) has an automatic transmission. When first started and cold, the gears slip out and I have to wait until its warm, then the transmission works OK. Lately, I let it warm for about 10 minutes b4 driving and now, it will not shift to 3rd and 4th gear until I get the RPMs up to 5,000 or more. I’m afraid I’m going to blow the engine! The fluid level is ok. What can I do to remedy this without spending a fortune?

find a good used transmission and convince a friend to help install it!!

21 years old with 186k on it… Its tired and worn out. These are your clutch piston seals that are leaking. Overhaul it, or even install a used trans. How long do you intend on keeping the Ranger?


The current transmission is a used one that was put in at about 100,000 miles in 1998. This truck is all i have at the moment, so its gotta last for sometime.