HELP! My car won't start when the sun comes out!

I own a 1989 honda prelude, which runs quite well until the sun comes out. If the car sits in the sun for a while and then I try to start it, the engine will turn over, but it will never catch. After about a half an hour of trying and then waiting, it will finally start. Sometimes I have to wait until the sun goes down. Sometimes it will start if I give it gas, but not too often. I’ve had the starter, alternater and battery all checked and they are fine. I put in new spark plugs and a new roter (sp?) too. Before I turn the engine on, I can usually tell if it is going to start or not. when there are problems ahead, the brake pedal is very hard and the gas pedal is pretty lose. Any ideas??? :frowning:

You’re describing a very common no-start problem with Honda’s when the interior gets hot. The problem is with the main fuel pump relay. This relay is located behind the dash above the drivers left knee. Replace this relay and your no-start problem will be solved.


It’s either that, or someone ordered it with the vampire option.

The fuel pump relay is a small plastic cube with some electrical connectors that plugs in to your car’s fuse panel under the steering wheel. Ask for one at an auto parts store, look for the thing that looks exactly like it, unplug the old one and plug in the new one.

When It’s Not Going To Start (" . . . I can usually tell if it is going to start or not.") Does It Crank Over Unusually Fast ? Try This:

Buy a can of solvent like “Gumout” or “GM Top Engine Cleaner” and when it won’t start take off the air cleaner cover. Have somebody start cranking the engine and slowly pour the solvent into the carburetor and in a few seconds the engine might start up. After it starts, slowly pour the rest of a pint into it and go for a ride making sure to accelerate the engine up to 4 or 5 thousand RPM. Use Top Tier gasoline, like “Shell”.

These vehicles had a problem with carbon build-up on valves and seats that lowers compression.