88 Olds Cutlass Supreme dies when accelarater is pressed


The car starts fine idles great.its automatic trans.Front wheel drive.2.8 multi-port FI.I’ve pulled codes none.Changed fuel filter.I’m not sure what to check next.Someone mentioned the feul pump.Any other idea what my problem could be.


Did it just start doing this overnight? Can you rev it in neutral?

My guess, and I emphasize the word “guess”, would be the MAP or MAF sensor (depending on which one your engine uses). That sensor plays the most important role in telling the ECM how much fuel to use. Ideally, if you can find a way to hook your car up to an actual scan tool (as opposed to a code reader) and see what that sensor output is. Or a chilton’s manual should be able to tell you what the Ohm reading should be from the sensor connection. Like I said it’s a guess so don’t just go out and buy an expensive sensor unless you can determine that it’s the problem.

Also, if you can rev it in neutral, the torque convertor lockup solenoid can cause this problem too.


Reboot the computer and see if it helps. You are in the age group and solid state group for the computer to be cooked. If the problem goes away for a while and comes back later, the computer may be the problem. If you didn’t have enough fuel pressure, the car probably would have starting problems too.


Have your mechanic check the fuel pressure, and check the throttle position sensor (tps). The tps tells the engine computer that the throttle has been moved, so, it knows to add more fuel.