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'88 jeep laredo

Got an '88 w/ 94k. I was driving along and heard loud like metal breaking noise. The car started to run erratically so I had it towed to my mechanic. The car starts on 6 cylinders (4 liter) then goes to 4, losing #1 & #6. They replaced the crank anle sensor, distributor, computer, plugs and wires. No change. 4 or 5 mechanics in the shop spent countless hours trying to figure this thing out. They even brought two jeep mechanic friends that pent several hours going over the car. no luck. Does anyone have a history with symtems like this and maybe advise me? I really want to get rid of this car, but will take major beating if it’s not working properly. Body & interior are great, tinted windows ,wheels and over sized tires ans a very large thumpper for sound. I really need HELP?

maybe its time for a new car

Have they run a compression test? How do they know that #1 and #6 are the ones not firing?

compression is great and when # 1 & #6 wires are pulled while running no difference. also they used a meter or something similar between wires and plugs on all cylinders