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95 Jeep Wrangler loses power while driving

Jeep runs fine for days and then it will have a bad day. Loses power for a minute or two and then revs back up. If you stay on the gas it acts like it wants to stall something makes a loud banging noise under the jeep and then it takes off only to do the same thing in 2nd gear 3rd gear etc. Any idea what it’s doing? Would o2 sensors try to shut it down? Throttle position sensor? Help!

I would start with a tune up first if it has not been done in a while. It kind of sounds like one of your spark plu wires is arking out, then stops and bang the jeep runs well again. It can also be a bad cap and rotor… Check the easy stuff first before digging to deep

That thing’s got 18 years and who knows how many miles on it.

If you want anyone to say anything that goes beyond complete WAG then you have to provide info. Mileage, maintenance history, etc. Check engine light?

Sorry. Check engine light is on. Code 52 and 33. Rich o2 sensor and o2 sensor circuit. My mechanic tested sensors last wk at inspection and said they are working. Also checked cap and rotor. Plugs are new. 110,000 miles well maintained. Would o2 sensors try to shut the jeep down? Most people are saying no.

As near as I can tell code 33 is for an A/C clutch relay circuit issue. Do the symptoms have anything to do with A/C use?

The 52 is for the O2 sensor indicating a rich condition. Its likely that it is just the messenger and you are running rich. So I’d go with poor ignition or oversupply of fuel. Were the wires replaced as well as the plugs? How were the cap & rotor checked? These are generally not very expensive items so I’d just replace them along with the wires.

An injector balance test probably wouldn’t hurt & isn’t all that hard. Getting a fuel pressure gauge on it for a look-see can’t hurt and the fuel pressure regulator can easily be checked at that time.

Thanks cig roller. You think the throttle position sensor is not likely? I also put a crank position sensor on it 6 months ago. I thought they were just plug and play but could I have messed something up there?

Oh, jeep does not have a/c

Why did you put a crank sensor on it? Was there a problem that the crank sensor solved? They are basically plug n play…if the actual sensor is a problem. Otherwise they’re plug n get no change.

You can easily check the TPS with a multimeter if you want to. I don’t know the TPS specifically on this vehicle, but its probably got 3-wires. One provides a 4.5V ref & would stay relatively constant. One will be a ground. The other will be a signal return and will vary between about .5V at closed throttle and 4.5V at WOT. You back probe it and with key on watch the voltage as you slowly open the throttle. It should slowly and smoothly go from the .5V neighborhood up to about the 4.5V neighborhood.