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1988 laredo

Got an '88 w/ 94k. I was driving along and heard loud like metal breaking noise. The car started to run erratically so I had it towed to my mechanic. The car starts on 6 cylinders (4 liter) then goes to 4, losing #1 & #6. They replaced the crank anle sensor, distributor, computer, plugs and wires. No change. 4 or 5 mechanics in the shop spent countless hours trying to figure this thing out. They even brought two jeep mechanic friends that pent several hours going over the car. no luck. Does anyone have a history with symtems like this and maybe advise me? I really want to get rid of this car, but will take major beating if it’s not working properly. Body & interior are great, tinted windows ,wheels and over sized tires ans a very large thumpper for sound. I really need HELP?

Have you, or any of the mechanics who’ve looked at this vehicle, determined the source of the “loud like metal breaking noise?”

On what basis did they replace the parts they replaced? It sounds like they are throwing parts at this beast without knowing exactly what’s wrong with it, and that’s an expensive way to go about things.

When the engine goes from 6 to 4 cylinders, what is the cause? No fuel in two cylinders? No spark in two cylinders? No compression in two cylinders? And, once again, what caused the loud noise? There is almost surely a connection between the noise and the subsequent problems.

Yes, first, find what broke. What could have broken in the engine? The oil pump drive? Gear tooth(s) on the oil pump drive or distributor drive? Valve springs? Piston rings?
Find the mechanical cause, and that may show the way to a fix. Of course, check for sparks and fuel injector action (say, 'noid test lights), to every cylinder.