88 Honda Civic parking brake indicator stays on

The instrument panel light for the parking brake has started to remain on after the brake lever is released. Is there a normally-open momentary contact switch near/under/behind the brake lever that I could easily access and replace? Or is it perhaps just an adjustment ring on the switch collar that I could adjust?

Thanks for any suggestions or feedback!

If this car is like most of the ones on the road, that warning light does double duty as both a parking brake warning light and a warning of a low brake fluid level in the master cylinder. I would suggest that you check the master cylinder a.s.a.p., and if necessary, refill with the correct spec brake fluid.

Thanks a bunch, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll check the fluid level.

Thanks, VDCdriver. That was it. Basic car maintenance – overlooked but now rectified.

Thanks again.

Not to be a kill-joy, but that didn’t actually fix it. Brake fluid doesn’t evaporate or burn off, so if the reservoir was low, it’s either leaking or, more likely, the brake pads are wearing down. This allows the caliper pistons to extend further, effectively increasing the size of the brake system, resulting in the low fluid level. I predict you are going to need brakes very soon.

Thank you for adding that detail, Jack. Normally when I post the type of response that I gave to the OP, I do include the probability that the brake pads are due for replacement, or–even worse–there is a leak somewhere in the brake hydraulic system.