Brake Light

I have been having a problem with my brake light warning on my dashboard as my car accelerates and shifts gears. Coincidently the problem began after carting around a co-worker that weighed some 250 pounds in my 2000 Honda Civic. I’m wondering if I have an alignment problem or something more serious.

Check your brake fluid level. Many car models use the brake warning light as a fluid level warning. When the fluid gets low it starts sloshing around on acceleration or hard turns, etc., the level at the sensor dips too low.

+1 to art’s comment.

I am having a hard time understanding the OP’s connection of a brake warning light to an alignment problem. When a warning light shows up on your instrument panel, it is best to rule out all situations that could be directly related to that warning light. While low brake fluid and other brake problems would likely be related to a brake system warning light, an alignment problem is not likely to result in a brake system warning light showing up on the instrument panel.

If the brake fluid is indeed low, there are two possibilities:

You have been losing fluid as a result of a leak in the brake hydraulic system. While this is rare, it is not something that can be ignored, as it will inevitably lead to an inability to stop the car.

Your brake pads are badly worn. As the brake pads experience wear, the brake calipers are extended, and this lowers the level of fluid in the brake master cylinder. This is the more likely scenario, but, in any event, a qualified mechanic should inspect your brakes tomorrow if you expect to be able to have braking power.