1979 Chrysler New Yorker - MNisfires and stalls

I have 1979 Chrysler New yorker 360 lien burn. It starts but misfired then stalls. I’ve put a new fuel pump in, fuel filter and carburetor. Added 5 gallons fresh gas. It pumps gas. Still spits and sputters and kills. Could catalytic converter be plugged?Anyone have any suggestions? Never had any issue till took out of storage week ago.

I had a 1978. The early lean burn systems were notorious for driveability problems. Get a suntune timing light with an advance meter and make sure the ignition system is doing what it’s supposed to. Also, change plugs, wires, rotor, and cap.

Also, unplug and replug that infernal connector to the computer on the air cleaner a few times to wipe off any oxidation.

Thanks for responding. I need to add, as long as I put fuel in the carb it runs. When I stop the car kills. Any further suggestions? Problem with timing light, I can’t keep the car long enough.

Youve got a hole in the little rubber hose that connects the metal fuel line to the fuel pump inlet. They harden with age (similar to my arteries).

Okay, going out try that.
Thank you!

Okay, going under car check it.

Checked that, no leak. What else can I check?

Sound like a clogged catalytic converter?

Okay, unplugged and replugged the computer, no change.

Disconnect the line at the outlet of the pump, see if gas comes out when you crank it.

This has nothing to do with the converter. You said the engine runs when you pour gas in the carb. What about that tells you the converter is bad?

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Had it running with choke almost closed at 2,000 rpms after I drilled two 3/8 " holes in the exhaust pipe before the converter. The smell of the exhaust made your eyes water.
I think the converter is plugged.
I sure appreciate your assistance and tried process of elimination with your suggestions.
It’s good us ole mopar guys can exchange knowledge.
I’ll keep you.posted.
Huge Thank You,