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'88 Accord Coupe LXi/Oil Burn "Burst"

This car has 320K+ miles. Still runs and looks good. Well maintained. OK, running at high speed, 65mph (+/-) and then a quick deceleration followed by a pick up in speed I get a “machine gun” engine rattle and a cloud of smoke. Driving locally… no visible burn, no problem. I replaced the oil seals about 100K ago but it never corrected the problem. I’m on SSD, a newer car is not in my financial future. Any tips? Thanks, Ray.

Does it seem to bog down at all during the “machine gun” rattle? Can you get a good enough look at the smoke to determine the color?

Hi GJ,
No bogging down – it drives “normally” and the way I know I’m laying down a cloud of smoke – it’s a blueish/oil burn – is by #1: hearing the rattle, and #2: checking my rear view mirror and watching cars around me try to avoid it. Speed fluctuations are never a part of it. THX