95 Accord Engine oil Burning

I have a 95 Accord. It has about 180K miles on it. The car runs really smooth and no smoke is coming out. However, I’ve noticed that it is burning engine oil. What is the cause? I heard that it may be the piston. However, the car doesnt start up rough or anything. Runs fine. What else could be the problem?

Do you get a puff of blue smoke out of the tailpipe at start up? Could be worn/cracked valve guide seals.

Could also be that it’s 14 years old and has 180K on it.

At 180,000 miles there could easily be enough wear on the cylinder walls, combined with slowly tiring rings (the spring tension on the rings weakens over time with all that heat and pounding) to allow it to burn some oil and it still could run great and have many many miles of life left.

How much oil is it using? At that mileage usage below a quart every 1,000 miles is perfectly acceptable, anything below 1qt every 2,000 miles is perfectly normal.

No, there are no blue smoke. the car is like normal. except the burning of oil.