87 vanagon fuel issues

my fuel pump is not turning on. my fuel pump works, so does the relay. is there a fuse i have missed?

Somewhere there is a fuse for the fuel pump circuit.

is it in the fuse block? none are listed as such in the owner’s manual…

Mountainbike here. It’s also possible that you have an inertial impact sensor that’s tripped. That’s a sensor that shuts the gas pump off if it senses that you’ve had a crash. If you have one, your owner’s manual should tell you where the reset button is.

the typical owners manual has such topics as, “where to put the gas in” and “how to buckle your seat belt”, but i went through the wiring front to back and there’s nothing like that…that i can find anyway.

Mountainbike, as always, makes a very good point. The fuel pump shut-off may be faulty. Find it and reset it, or bypass it and see if that makes a difference.

My experience with VWs has been that the owner’s manuals were quite helpful. That may no longer be the case. See if you can find a Haynes service manual for your Vanagon. They are not expensive, and they are very helpful in situations like this

If you are really dedicated to this vehicle, a factory service manual is pretty much required. Try Books4Cars.com

Hi there… I’m having exactly the same problem with my 87 GL Vanagon. To my knowledge there is not a fuel system fuse. I’ve tested the fuel pump directly to the battery and it works. The wires to the relays tested out fine and there is power to the leads going to the relays. I’ve ordered two new relays (they are cheap, 4.99) to see if this fixes it, but they haven’t arrived yet. It was also suggested to me to change the ignition switch. I haven’t done that yet either, but have ordered one (9.95). My task today is to further test wires. The van has been sitting for over a year. Please let me know if you find out anything. My email is aguy5050@yahoo.com

THANKS and good luck!

Also, for your consideration, is this VW TECHNEWS from 02/01/1990: FUEL PUMP INOPERABLE. FUSE BLOWN [by] O2 SENSOR. It says, that to test, to disconnect the O2 sensor lead and check the fuel pump fuse. If the fuse, NOW, doesn’t blow, then, the O2 sensor is blowing the fuse. ++++ It didn’t say WHERE the fuel pump fuse is.+++++ me_art12