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87 Toyota Cressida leaning

my 4dr sedan, garaged, only 36,000 miles,has developed several symptoms:

1) when applying brakes it pulls to the left strongly. (Not during regular driving however)

2) looking at the left rear fender cut out, the left fender seems to sit 3/4 " lower over the tire than the right.(my 4 tires are only a year and 2000 miles old)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



When the applied brakes pull hard in one direction it usually means the opposite side isn’t working.

You MAY have a weak spring on the ‘appeared’ lower side.

Measure the length of the spring with a tape measure. Compare each side.

Years ago there was a myth about cars being built lower on the drivers side to compensate for the (water drainage) slope of the road. (to make the car appear level)

One thing to check for is a broken rear spring. The bottom spring pearches can hold water where it rusts the bottom coil of the spring. This bottom coil then snaps from being rusted out and that side of the vehicle drops down. If you find it’s a broken bottom coil of the spring, check the other spring. It’s probably just as rusted.


And this could be the cause of the pull. I doubt it, but if the rear is lower in only one corner, the ride characteristics are fubar.