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03 Nissan Sentra pulls to left

03 Nissan Sentra @ about 65K started pulling to left, noticeably. Check air pressure each week. Bought 2 new front tires, replaced rotors, calipers, and pads. Have aligned front end TWICE!!! UGH Still pulling. ???

Have you checked your REAR brakes? A dragging rear pad will make a car pull to one side.

Oh, and if you have parking brakes with the small drum cast into the center of the disc and small mechanical shoes inside, don’t forget to check those also.

Mountainbike has given you very good advice.

The only things that I can add are to have the condition of your front-end components checked (the alignment shop should have done this but…) and that the new tires should be on the rear wheels. A tire shop should be aware that this is the practice recommended by tire manufacturers in order to maximize traction and keep your handling as secure as possible.