Keeps pulling to left?

We have a 2005 Acura TL. Car has had new tires, been aligned, balanced and all the standard items but constantly pulls to left. They now say it is because of low profile tires and their effect with road slant…funny that it still goes left with road slant to right. Also, when you steer the wheel seems to easily roll over to the left, but is harder to turn when turning right. Any ideas.

Find a good specialty alignment shop and have it fully checked out. It should not pull, regardless of the tire profile.

what shop?

maybe you need to find a better front end alignment shop. this place you are taking it to sounds like they are taking YOU for a ride.

I have a 93 Caprice that was pulling hard to the right with tire that had less than 4 k miles. A front to back rotation and an alignment did not help. I switched the front tires side to side and the pull went away. Since you have new tires get a second opinion before you go back to the first shop.

Ed B.

Double check your air pressure in all four tires. Easy test to eliminate the more $$ stuff.

Sounds like an alignment or bent suspension problem. Did they by chance do this on a machine with a printout? If so, any chance of listing the before and after specifications?

Did you buy the car new? Has the vehicle ever been in a wreck or hit a crater of a pothole, etc.?

Try taking a tape measure and measure the distance from the front of the back wheel on side (wheel, not tire) to the back of the front wheel on the same side. Do the same with the other side and compare measurements. They should be very close if you measure correctly. This is not exact science but could help determine if there is a bent lower control arm, etc.
A lower control arm that is tweaked can affect caster a lot and caster affects pull quite a bit.

Based on your description of the steering being easier to turn one way it could be a couple of different things.

First… it could be a steering or suspension component binding, a tie rod, ball joint, or a strut mount. If one of these is binding it could cause a memory steer.

Second… it could be a internal hydralic leak in the steering rack. I’m assuming it has power steering. To check for this you have to have the front wheels off the ground, make sure the steering wheel is centered, then start the engine. If the steering wheel jerks to the left then there is a internal leak in the steering gear.