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87 jeep wagoneer

just bought an 87 jeep grand wagoneer and was doing an oil change on it. Pulled off an old purolator filter off from it and can’t get the filter that is “supposed” to fit on (penzoil PZ30). Most of the numbers on the filter have been rubbed off but I am trying to find out what it could be what I have is L2***3. if anyone know what numbers may fill the gap it would be appreciated.

The Purolater search page shows a PL25288 oil filters for the 6 (258 cu in) and 8 cyl (360 cu in) engines in the 84-86 Wagoneers. Is it possible the last digit is an 8 instead of a 3?

Ed B.

The question comes down to - is this a Wagoneer or a Grand Wagoneer (small one or the big one)? Wagoneer came with the 6, the Grand Wagoneer came with the v8. So which is it, Cameron?

alright, first off tex if you had read the post it’s a “Grand Wagoneer” and Ed the only numbers that could be red were the 2 and 3 so I know the last digit was a 3. I have found out that it was L20033. The wagoneer has an oldsmobile 455 in it. but thanks for the input.

I read the post, and the title says “Wagoneer”, while the body says “Grand Wagoneer”. You now turn out to have a non-stock engine, something none of us could know. Glad to be of service (?)

the olds 455 was a very old motor put into some of the 70s 84 85 and 87 grand wagoneer all had the AMC 360 motor.and after having ordered all the parts and heard enough of "don’t you have a Chrysler motor under the hood and then having the part numbers and components,including my intake manifold that has AM stamped on the thing i would know.i had to get my timing chain as having a 1970 AMC javelin with the 360 package as far as the filter goes go to and type in your year make and model!!!