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'87 Acura

My friend called me this morning about his '87 Acura . . . it’s the bigger one, but not the Legend. It has a V-6 with less than 100k, automatic with F/I. Problem is that right after the car warms up . . . about 15-20 minutes or so (cold here in PA right now), the car starts to miss like crazy. It will rev-up on the side of the road but the miss is obvious even then. Idle is fine. Last spark plug/wire/cap change was about 20k ago. It’s cold and he’s working outside, so I told him to look for the obvious . . . cap and rotor first, then wires, then plugs. I figure that one or even two bad wires or plugs wouldn’t cause the car to force him to pull off the road, but a split cap or bad rotor could do it. Any quick suggestions? Rocketman

Good start but I would add replacing the air and fuel filters