Acura Automatic Transmission

1998 Acura CL 3.0 engine, automatic transmission, 176,000 miles. Tranny rebuilt in October 2009, ran OK but a little firm going from first to second gear. Now, from a cold start (anywhere from 40-70 degrees F outside, here in S. Texas), takes a while to go into first gear from park. Then takes a while (engine revving high) to go from first to second. After the car warms up (3 miles or so of stop and go traffic), shifts pretty smoothly. Tranny shop has replaced solenoids, with little or no effect. Next step is to pull the tranny again. Fluid level is fine, no apparent leaks. Did not personnally see them add Honda fluid but he mentioned it and charged me another $55 for the Honda fluid. Would like to keep the car for another 20-30K miles but am starting to think I should sell/trade it off for a newer Honda/Acura.

What kind of a tranny shop is this? B/c it seems to me to clearly be the problem of the shop that did the rebuild. Is it a national chain shop (e.g. AAMCO). Either way it should be on them to make it right, unless there is more for you to tell.

Was the $55 for the Honda fluid part of the expense when it was rebuilt 10/09 or was this an additional invoice?

Small local shop, and yes it is up to them to make it right. I was looking for any common problems with this transmission. These guys may usually work on domestic tranny’s. Yes, they may need to take it out again. Any hints from Acura/Honda savvy guys?

Original invoice/expense that was not a part of the estimate until they remembered that it required honda fluids.

Check the cable going from the throttle to the bellcrank on the side of the transmission. It should have no slack with the throttle closed, no tension either.

Well, unfortunately it sounds as though they messed up something during the overhaul. That delay you are getting when shifting from “P” to “D” sounds like there is an internal leak. The pressure isnt right or the forward clutches are leaking causing the delay. They’re going to have to take it out again it looks like.