Corolla losing power

Hey Guys! Nephew just called me about his 86 or 87 Corolla (carb with a 5 speed), about 200k, good maintenance. While he was on his way back to school last weekend car started to lose power on long grades (up), first a little, then eventually required downshifting, started bucking. He says OK on level, idles fine, no overheat, fluid OK. I’m gonna meet him there tomorrow. What would you take with you? I’m thinking plugs, wires, cap and rotor, maybe a gas filter. Suggestions? I’ll be a college parking lot, so my resources will be limited. Suggestions? Rocketman

Your top picks would be my top picks - except I’d have fuel filter at the very top. If it was ignition breakdown I’d suspect it more likely to go with heat and not be so much associated only with the long grade. Fuel starvation may be more likely - but obviously the other stuff can’t hurt - and could even help.

I’d also be tempted to rig up a fuel pressure gauge to drive around with for a while.

Sounds like the fuel starvation I once experienced (DC to PGH – lots of hills). NEw fuel filter fixed it fine. So I, too, would check fuel filter (maybe even if “good maintenance” includes a recent change). If fuel starvation, and if really only uphill, maybe something like a carb float problem??? But my experience with the fuel filter was that first symptom was uphill, then got noticeable on level.