86 monte carlo


i havent turned it on in 7 month shoul i just start it up . i also need 2 know how 2 get the title the car its my brothers he bot it and never got the title from that person because he whent 2 jail thats why its been sitting there need help please


uhh, i guess you could just start it up, but i would reccomend you change your plugs and drain the gas, also be sure to check oil


As far as the title, you’ll need to get the previous owner to order a replacement title if he can’t find his original, and sign it with a notary. I’m assuming that it was never transfered to your brother. That is the only way your state will recognize you or your brother as the rightful owners.


Just start it. Seven months is no problem. The battery is probably dead, so jump it or charge it with a charger. Autozone will charge and test it for you for free if you take it to them.

The title is a problem. Who went to jail, your brother or the car thief he bought it from? Do you know who the last registered owner is? If so, you need to contact that person for the title. If you don’t know, then you’ll need to contact the DMV or a car title service to get that info. Locally, title services can get me a duplicate of the original title. Rules vary by state. With that title in hand, you’ll need to get the former owner to sign it over to you or your brother.


For starting it, likely at 7 months it will only need a little help for the battery. Maybe a charge, a jump or a replacement will be needed depending on the situation.

For the title I would suggest contacting your state’s (province) authorities and they may be able to give you some advice for your specific location as it may be a little different depending on where you are.