86 Econoline ignition test

How do I test the TFI, COIL, and PICKUP for a 86 ford 250, 5.0, (303), ignition? PLEASE!

Try going to the AutoZone website and look under Repair Guides for your vehicle. The steps should be spelled out there.

I will point out that since your vehicle is a TFI-IV model some tests may not be valid depending on the symptoms the vehicle has.
TFI modules were prone to heat related failure and testing them, even a 100 times, may not show a problem at all.

If the vehicle runs fine for a while and then exhibits symptoms similar to running out of gas or just flat quitting then it very well could be the ignition module at fault. One can replace it as part of an educated guess.

I have an '87. The coil is located in the worst possible spot - right on top of the engine, so even if it doesn’t test bad, you should replace it.

But I would replace the ignition module, too! It’s also in a bad spot - on the fender.

Get the pick-up coil and module replaced with first quality parts, i.e., O.E., Standaard Echlin, or Borg Warner.

Many thanks!