86 econoline 302 127k


Breaksdown badly upon excelleration while driving under load. Seems OK when excelleration levels off, or if I excellerate it in neutral. Feels like it’s running out of fuel. It doesn’t backfire, or spit bact through throttle intake. Thank’s in advance.


How does an engine feel like when it, “Feels like it’s running out of fuel.”? Start with changing the dirty fuel filter. Then, change the spark plugs, points, and distributor cap, and air filter. After you do that, what does it feel like?


If your truck has the large ignition module, change it. It looks like a metal box with fins (more like long bumps). It’s about six by six by 1.5 inches. If the parts place asks if it is blue grommet or black grommet, you have to check the color underneath which is the cleaner side. The dirty side always looks like there is a black one. Change it if it does that with a warm engine and does it less with a cold one. You can check to see if the module is hotter than it should be by touching it carefully at first.


Where exactly is the ignition modual? Also, I noticed today it ran fine until the the engine warmed up, about 15 minites, then it started to break down


if the problem is heat related then you should consider the TFI-IV ignition module. this is the little gray module on the side of the dist. and these are very prone to heat failures. i’m pretty sure that by 1986 all Fords were using this thing and in '85 was only used on the Lincolns.

also take a look at the fuel filter. drain the filter, allow it to dry for an hour, and note if you can blow through it freely.

do a net search for tfi-iv settlement and you will find out why these modules are so trouble-prone. hope that helps.


I was driving home and it conked out. After a half hour it restarted and just as I pulled in the drive way it died for good. I checked for spark and got zelch, nada. I bought a new TFI-IV for $45.00 at Napa and BINGO,it started right up. MANY, MANY THANK’S you did a fine job!!