79 GMC 1 ton, 454

My truck was in good condition, not cherry but decent. It was smashed into the other night while it was parked in front of my house. She must have been doing at least 40 because it was pushed back a full truck length. I put a new (rebuilt) 454 “Tough One” in her in 2006, it had a new tranny installed in 2003. It has a new radiator, fly wheel, master brake cylinder, starter and alternator. Geico offered me $2,000.00 considering it totaled, which I don’t think it is. I was offered $4,000.00 last summer. There is no blue book value but it was the best truck built in 1979. Any suggestions or ideas concerning this matter, thanks.

Gary Alston


That’s just their first offer. All things are negotiable. Do you have receipts for the engine, transmission and other new goodies? Those show that your truck was well above average. Of course Geico advertises low rates. One way they do that is to total the vehicles that their customers hit, paying as low an amount as possible. ALL companies do that. You weren’t in the truck, so they aren’t interested in paying you enough to make you happy even though your neck still hurts because it doesn’t.

Explain to them your situation…But if they won’t budge, maybe they will cut you a check for $2000 AND let you keep your truck… That’s about all you can hope for…You can then fix it or part it out…

Would you be happy with 4,000? I must add none of the items you listed fall into the “new” class anymore. Have the put a “buyback” price out there? 6 year old tranny in a work truck is just that a 6 year old tranny in a work truck.

Check eBay, Hemmings, or any other classic car or truck site. From my quick look, you might get a bit more. But when you go back to Geico, have information ready to prove that your truck is worth more. If you want to get more, prove to them that it is worth more.

What kind of insurance are they paying out under? Other guy’s liability? Or was it a hit and run, so your comprehensive or uninsured motorist?