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2002 Pontiac Montana -- rebuild engine or purchase another vehicle?

My husband’s 2002 Pontiac Montana, we’re told, will need to have the engine rebuilt. We have mechanical breakdown insurance through Geico. Something happened to the engine while my husband was driving in icy conditions. I do not drive myself. Apparently someone from Geico will be taking a look at it.

I would be curious to have opinions as regards whether it would be better to spend the $$ rebuilding the engine…or simply purchase a new (probably used) vehicle.

Any feedback would be much appreciated…

Many thanks,

Peekskill, New York

You’re not helping us much here. How many miles are on the car? Is it otherwise in good condition? Do you like the car or are you looking for an excuse to move on? Would buying another car be easy or difficult for you financially?

Post back when you have a description of what will need to be done and how much it will cost YOU after Geico pays. Add to the post the overall condition of the vehicle and whether or not it’s been maintained in accordance with the owner’s manual recommended maintenance schedule. Also tell us how much mileage is on it.

It’s impossible to make a guess without these details.

It depends on the overall condition of the vehicle and the number of miles on it. You don’t want to rebuild the engine only to have a transmission failure a short time later.


I will post again once I have additional information.

77,000 miles on the vehicle. Prior to this incident it was, to be best of my knowledge, in fairly good condition…we did not experience any chronic or ongoing issues. My husband says that, yes, it was maintained as per the manual.

I don’t have any particular sentimental attachment to this vehicle. I am interested in what would be most cost-effective in the long run.

If we were to purchase another vehicle, it would probably be used, I’m thinking.


IMHO that’s going to be largely dependant on that Geiko policy. If they’ll pay for most of the new engine, but not the book value of the vehicle if you trade it, it may be worth getting the motor replaced even if it would not be worth it had you NOT had the policy.

Let us know what they say. We do care.

Many thanks for your input…I appreciate it!

I did a Google search for Pontiac Montana engines and they seem to run about 2K, but I’m sure it would be more, of course, with labor.

We’re waiting to hear back from Geico and I think they’ll most likely be sending someone out to look at the vehicle.


I’ve seen and heard about a fair amount of engine trouble in domestic mini vans,I would be inclined to say move on-but let your heart and pocketbook decide.The Toyota Sienna Minivans seem to be a real honey of a vehicle,if I was set on another mini van,I would look at a Sienna or a Nissan Quest,But the only thing I really Question on a Nissan now is the CVT transmission a boon or bust? But thats just me ,I hate to discard a good vehicle because of a bad engine-Kevin

I’d bet that you are covered, and that your Montana is worth about $4000. I’ve found GEICO to be fair and reasonable in the last 40 years. I looked up your policy type on line, and this type of failure seems to fit their coverage.

Geico is talking with the repair shop at present and they requested that some more tests be run on the engine. So…right now we are waiting to hear what the outcome of those discussions will be.

Thanks, again, for all your comments! I appreciate them very much!!

Thanks for the followup post. I wish you the best with this.

Geico will cover a new engine…we will have to pay $250.00.

Many thanks, again, for all your feedback!!!

:- )

Great! Thanks for getting back to us.