My Daughters car got totaled in VA Beach(totally not Her fault) the Lizard rep doesnt want to give Her but 4700$ for it and She is without a car,the car in question is a 2008 Honda civic in good shape with 130K miles on it(its still driveable) I looked at and believe its repairable()be my no.2 car) my question is how much shoud I offer GEICO for a buyback on it(rearend damage)? -Thanx,Kevin

Some insurance companies will not insure a car that has been totaled. Check to see if you can get insurance first.

I’d look up the price on Kelly blue book and get an idea of what it’s worth first.

I also had an accident and I called our insurance company and they were helpful in giving me pointers on how to deal with the other insurance company. THey gave me good advice and even told me how to claim my time to strip that truck and re-install my Horseshoeing gear and cap.
If I remember right I got something in the neighborhood of $500 extra for my time as long as I did not remove the truck from my yard. It did take a 6 hour day to swap everything and remount it all…with only a few little things that I needed to do at my shop on another day.


Insurance companies deal with this type of thing all the time.

You tell your insurance company that you want to retain the residual salvage value of the vehicle. The insurance company will then deduct from the settlement price the amount they would have received when the vehicle was salvaged. And you keep the vehicle.


thank you all that will be most helpful-Kevin

Retitling a totalled car can be difficult and requires special inspection to certify that it’s road worthy, at least in Ga.

When State Farm offered the carcass of my 10 year old 150,000 miles totaled Jeep Cherokee to me for $700 I declined. I figured if they were willing to pay me $7,000 rather than repair it. No Thanks!

I just went through the hoops in Ga to retitle a totalled car. It was hell and wound up costing me almost all of the settlement due to correcting previous damage. The entire process took 3 months, actual repair time took 2 weekends. It just needed a new steering rack and steering knuckle, fender, and rim and tire. It failed the first inspection, not due to my repairs, but a previous repair the inspector didn’t like. I had to fix that, too And wait for a second inspection that it finally passed. Then wait for DMV to send a REBUILT title so I could tag it.

I looked at and believe its repairable()be my no.2 car) my question is how much shoud I offer GEICO for a buyback on it(rearend damage)?

The buyback is usually a set policy in the insurance company…in most cases I’ve seen it’s the highest bid they received from salvage yards. And since this is a desirable vehicle with a working front…it could be high.

Most insurance companies are more than willing to allow the owner to buy the vehicle back at a very reasonable price.

That way, the insurance company isn’t responsible for the costs of transporting and storing the vehicle until it’s salvaged.


Ask GEICO what VA law says about registering your car. If you need insurance to get license plates, you should investigate how much insurance will cost from companies that will insure it.