Grand jeep cherokee laredo 97

what should i pay for this car? engine in good shape rebuilt- maybe 48,000 miles on it, new water pump,brakes,roters, new transmission, good body no rust…???

You didn’t give us enough information. The engine has 48K miles on it (maybe), but what about the rest of the vehicle?

Personally, I wouldn’t take it unless it was free. And even then . . .

Hi mcparadise- to reinterate, the car has ( according to the mechanic selling it- new water pump, 180,000 miles on body but no rust or dents ( i havent seen it yet), new water pump, new transmission, new brakes; pads and rotors, new timing belt. he says he buys cars that are damaged some and refurbishes them, and the engine he rebuilt has 48,000, He told me he could get 3800 -4500 on ebay but would sell it to me for 2500 whada think? Also is carfax a good thing to do? thanks gg

The price is in the “fair” range according to KBB. I believe I would ask for a 3 month waranty in writing on the “engine overhaul”. But, you haven’t seen it yet…

If he can get $4500 on ebay, then why doesn’t he?

I’m sorry, I really don’t think his story is all on the level.

OTOH $2500 isn’t bad IF all that has actually been done. What absolute proof can he show you?

If there is no proof of the 48KM engine then I would assume that it has 180K on it. Why do you think this guy is willing to cut you a check for $2K? I would not believe much else that he says. Check the trade in value, have the car tested by your own mechanic and if checks out OK, then pay $200 over the trade in value. How long do you expect this car to last for you? I like Jeeps myself, but even then, the gas prices are going up and this car does not have much more left in it. Other parts; AC, wires, are much older.