78 nova

My nova was sputtering at certain times, not speeds, times. anyways i replaced the fuel pump and started the car it ran for a few minutes then dead i was not able to get it started since. does anyone know whats up

The sputtering suggests a fuel problem. I had a similar problem with my 1978 Cutlass. It turned out to be a deteriorated neoprene fuel line down by the gas tank. I would suggest checking the fuel line on the suction side of the pump.

It’s not getting spark or fuel. Determine which one is missing and fix the problem.

Hint. dump one (1) ounce of gasoline down the carb and see if it starts momentarily. If it does, you have a fuel problem…

Well the fuel lines are fine the pump is pumping into carb, i have spark, but the engine is only doing a quarter turn at a time.

The fuel pump is pumping fuel to the carb, i have spark and electricity, but the engine is only turning a quarter turn at a time.

…the engine is only turning a quarter turn at a time.

By this, do you mean it is cranking slowly? Try charging the battery and load testing it. If the battery holds a charge and passes a load test, you may have a worn starter, that is, if this is what you are describing.

yea its only cranking a quarter turn at a time. yea that makes sense with the battery and starter, but do you have any idea why after i changed the fuel pump why it ran for a couple minutes then it went dead? I never had this problem with this car, i have always been able to get this car started, because of its simplicity, but now iam truly stumped. before the fuel pump change the car started great with its fairly new starter and battery.

Did it always crank slowly, or is this a new problem since it stalled after changing the fuel pump? What engine does it have, and which type of ignition system does it have?

No it never cranked slowly, its a new problem after it stalled, it has a six cylinder 250, and electronic ignition system

Sorry you need to refresh my memory, I think your distributor needs some help, sticking plates or bad vacuum advance? or timing also could be in the mix.