78 Corolla Vacuum lines/Carb Gasket

Does anyone have a diagram (or picture) of the correct way to connect the vacuum lines on a 1978 KE30? I took the carb off to rebuild it (and yes I labled the hoses and carb before I removed it) but I’m not sure if they were ever connected correctly.

Also, is there anything I can use to make a gasket where the carb meets the manifold? My rebuild kit didn’t come with one


I guess the vacuum line schematic on the hood is missing. You may be able to find the diagram in a reference at your local library. The research desk might be able to have the diagram faxed from another affiliated library which has coverage. If all else fails, you might approach a Toyota service department to get them to copy the information for you.

Regarding the gasket, you can get a bulk roll of gasket material at the auto parts store. If the old gasket is intact, trace it onto the bulk sheet and cut off the excess using a scissors and knife or Exacto blade. Other handy tools are a hole punch and hole cutting dies.

Hope that helps.

Does this Corolla have the little vacuum control unit? If so, it should be labeled with where the vacuum needs to come to and from for it and then there should be the big power brake booster hose (if equipped) and maybe one that goes to the EGR valve. I think all of the vacuum hoses get intake vacuum on this car, so as long as everything’s getting vacuum that needs vacuum and the hoses are hooked up properly the control unit (if equipped-- I think some years they only came on CA cars) there should be no wrong way to do it.