77' Chevy Column



I broke the ignition tumbler in my 1977 Chevy 1/2 ton. I took out the column and had it rebuilt w/ a new turn signal switch and ignition tumbler. I put it back in and went to start it and nothing. I get the accessories to come on, but when I try to engage the starter I get nothing. I then tried to jump it across the coil, which sparked, the starter spun a little, and then everything went dead. Now there is no power at all. Any Ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks


My battery is a side post and it in very bad condition (very corroded)after sitting in my garage for 5 months, could I have just fried the battery?


Those side post batteries are known for problems. Clean up everything (both ends of all the battery cables) and try charging the battery. If convenient take the battery to the auto parts store and have then check it.