7.3L or 6.0L Powerstroke


I am looking to buy a used Excursion. Not being very knowledgeable on diesel motors, is there a general consensus as to which engine/year is “better”? My price range will probably land me in the older 7.3L range, but thought I’d get your opinion(s) first.

Also, I have an '89 4x4 F350 7.5L crew cab. Does the Excursion have the same type of live front axle/leaf spring setup that my truck has?

Thanks for the help,

The Excursion uses a live axle with coil springs, trailing arms, and a track bar.

Honestly… I hate to say this, but if you can’t afford one of the later generation 6.0L rigs, I would lean more toward the newest 7.3 rig you can find. I know there are plenty of people out there who haven’t had a lick of trouble from their early 6.0, but there are just too many complaints for my liking. From what I read, the 7.3 gets almost as good or equal mileage to the 6.0, they are pretty close when it comes to power, and the 7.3 has proven itself for reliability.