68 Dodge Dart GT



I have a 68 Dodge Dart GT (V8, 340, automatic). The problem is this…I start the car, drive it around, park it at the store or wherever I’m going. When I go to start it again, sometimes it won’t make any noise when I turn the key. Other times it will just click once (per key turn) and the red ‘Oil’ light goes on. I check the oil level on a regular basis after the car has been warmed up but the oil level remains fine. Within the last 6 months I’ve had a tune up (plugs and wires). I’m thinking it’s my starter. But why would I not have this problem starting the car after it’s been sitting for a couple days (I usually take it out once a week). Also, I recently got a new fuel filter even though I haven’t had a chance to install it yet. Could that possibly be a cause?


The starter is failing when it gets hot. Does your 340 have headers? If you look at the original exhaust manifold design for a 340 the left manifold (starter side) comes up. Part of the reason for this design was to keep heat away from the starter. The Chrysler gear reduction starter was tough but sometimes they just need replaced. I have attached a picture of the 340 in my 69 Dart. Notice the left exhaust manifold. If you do not have this manifold you might want to consider a heat sheild for the starter.


First, check the battery connections. I mean take them off and clean them. Then, check the little starter relay mounted on the inner fender below the master cylinder…The connector from the ign. switch, tends to degrade. I think it’s an orange wire…

That’s one of the fastest factory hot rods ever made. A giant killer. When the green flag drops, the BS stops…


Follow caddyman’s advice. Start with the connections just to be sure. The starter relay is actually mounted on the left inner fender nect to the battery tray. It can be seen in the engine picture I posted.