'68 327 tubing


Hi, I just got a '68 el-camino with a 1968 327 all stock with 4bbl quadra jet on top. I have been tinkering with it and found that most of the vac lines and one of the pcv valves are not hooked up (pass side PCV). Can someone point me to a good place to find diagrams for the lines?

Also, would anyone mind telling me where that loose PCV valve should be hooked into?

One more question, how bad is it when the PCV valve blows smoke? (not thick and black, just that you can tell that there is something there). The engine does not smoke or burn oil.


Odd to have two PCV valves, makes me think you are incorrectly identifying what you are looking at. Due to the size of the hose that goes to a PCV valve there should not be any question where it could possibly plug into.

PCV valves do not “blow smoke”, engines blow smoke if you have smoke (from burning oil) comming from the hole in the valve cover the PCV fits in to (with PCV removed) it is due to a worn engine.


A '68 Chevy small block isn’t going to have a lot of vacuum lines. Should be one PCV line to the base of the carb, a vacuum advance line to the distributor, maybe a power brake line from the carb base or intake manifold to the brake booster, and maybe a line from the carb base to the choke pull off. If it’s a California car, though, it could have more lines for the pollution controls that were required in that state only back then. It’s possible that it could have a line to a water control valve, or into the dash for the vent controls, but I’m not positive an El Camino used that type of setup.