Burning oil

I have a Chevy Prizm 1998 and I drive about 250 miles a week. Recently I started going through a quart of oil in 2 weeks. My engine sounds good. I am religious about changing my oil and filter every 3,000 miles and I check my oil every time I fill up my gas tank. There is no blue smoke and no oil spots on the garage. Any ideas what this could be? Could it possibly be a small leak that only occurs while I am driving or a am I dreaming? More like hoping. Also any good mechanics to recommend in the twin cities area in Minnesota?

My guess is that there may be some internal piston ring wear on your Prizm. It is almost 14 years old. However, you might try replacing the PCV valve. It is inexpensive and takes about 5 minutes to change. You also might try changing brands of oil. I had a Maverick that would go about a quart to 1000 miles on Sunoco oil but would go 1250 miles on a quart of Valvoline oil of the same viscosity.
I would not recommend going to a higher viscosity oil on your Prizm. A quart every 500 miles is cheaper than an engine rebuild. Your car has gotten older. I’ve gotten older myself–I’m almost 70 and I require an extra quart every now and then.

See If You’ve Got And Easy To Replace And Inexpensive PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve On Your Engine.

This item can become clogged, stick, or not allow the engine to breathe through proper channels, and cause oil consumption. Usually the cost is so low and it’s so easy for an owner to do that it’s a place to start.


When servicing the PVC system, clean or replace the entire system, not just the valve. The rubber hose can collapse internally choking off flow and the manifold port can become clogged up, choking off flow…At least check those two things…

Hey thanks guys!