Oil leaking

Ihave a 64 chevy II nova with a 6cyl. engine its blowing oil out from the top of the dip stick shaft,with the dip stick in place.I never had this problem before .

Is there a PCV valve on this car? Probably not.

If not, there’s a crankcase ventilation tube somewhere.

Clean or replace the crankcase ventilation tube.

there is a pcv valve should i replace it ?

You have excessive cranckcase pressure,this could be caused by a worn out engine.

At idle you should feel vacuum at the PCV,the rattle test is a valid test. The PCV is not the only part that can be restricted hoses also can be restricted.

Your PCV system can be working as designed but your engine may have more blow-by than it can handle. Any oil in the air cleaner,this is a sign of a pluged PCV system. I am betting on engine wear or is this a recent rebuild that has gone wrong?

Yes - replace it - but check out every part of the PCV system as well.

But oldschool (below) may be right in terms of excessive blowby. Have you, by chance, looked at the compression?

the car sat for about 14 yrs i had this since 1997 it has 54000 miles and runs good until this,have changed every thing possible that i know of will check these items later tonite, thanks for the info.Igot a 283 i want to install but this will be my first attempt at this if this engine is worn.

yes just tuned it up a week ago getting ready to put it in storage for the winter.everything checked out.

Thanks to all who responded to my oil leak question, i checked the pvc valve it checked out shook like brand new, also did a detailed inspection on the compression,surprised to see that was up to specs, finally put a quart of risolene in it so far so good,Thanks for all you help.