67 Camaro just leaked all the coolant

Just took my 67 Camaro home on my lunch break and when I got out I head a gushing leak. I popped the hood and all of my coolant was rushing out of my car mostly on the passenger side of the car. Could this just be a bad hose or am I in for a lot of trouble?

Check if a heater hose blew.


X2 on the blown hose. The “lot of trouble” comes if the car has been driven while leaking coolant.

Since you’re not sure right now, you’re going to have to fill it back up and pressurize it to see where it’s coming from.
Get a coolant system pressure tester at one of the parts store’s loaner tools .
Just fill with water and pump up the pressure.

When coolant gushes out of an engine, you don’t need a cooling system pressure tester.

The leak should be pretty evident.


Hose or popped/rusted ‘freeze plug’.

I agree should be hose or freeze plug at that age. If freeze plug, more than one likely needs changing. Needs to be towed to a shop. It’ll be pretty easy to see the leak. A 67 as a daily driver though?

Good news, it failed as you parked it home. So, no towing. As @Tester said, the leak should be pretty easy to spot. The heater hoses run on that side, IIRC. On a '67, there should be plenty of engine visible to see where it is coming from.

Sorry to disagree Busted, but if he has to ask where the leak is coming from, he’s going to have to have someone else do the work.

Good point, Bing.

I think the 67 Camaro is toast. Give me a call and I’ll take it off your hands :wink: