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'64 ford galaxie trunk lock

I have a busted trunk lock and don’t know how to replace it. It stopped working sometime ago and so I took a screwdriver to it thinking I could “pop” it right out. Well, all I did was shred the heck out of it. I’ve ordered a new one online. Now what?

Cutting torch?

Climb into the trunk, pull the lid down a little and look at how the cylinder and lever mechanism are secured into the trunk lid. You will need a flashlight… It’s usually just a spring clip…But since you have already butchered it…Good Luck replacing it…

Try removing the back seat. There may be access to the trunk area so someone can crawl in and remove the clip that retains the trunk lock. If not, then a slide hammer with a big big screw usually knocks them out.


Oh, c’mon. If the OP can’t figure out how to get into the trunk let him try a cutting torch. I want to see sparks flying!

Please post pictures of your '64 Galaxie, before and after.

Have you bought new lock? Look at it and you should see how it is held in place with a horse shoe shaped spring clip.

Take the lock to a locksmith, have it keyed to match the old key, then replace.

The lock has to be removed from inside the trunk. How does the OP get inside the trunk if the lid won’t open?

The same way everybody else does it, the universal key!

Right…Drive a square shanked screw driver into the lock. Grip shank with Crescent wrench and turn to open. With trunk open, remove latch mechanism to expose what was once the lock cylinder…

Once you drill out the lock you can turn it with a screw driver.

Another possibility that may take some doing, but would open the trunk with no damage, is to remove the back seat, crawl into the trunk, and pop it open with a screwdriver.

First, i know this is an old post. But just in case this comes up in a search one day…
The key has to be inserted in the cylinder then a pin depressed. The pin is at the rear of the raised ridge toward the back of the cylinder. But since that is messed up you might figure a way to turn it to depress pin.

I read that a possible way to get trunk open (and think you would need some lonnng arms) is remove tail light assembly and access through the hole.

A great resource for galaxies is ford muscle forums, there’s a section just for galaxies.:slightly_smiling_face:

Most cars of that era do not have a metal bulkhead separating the cabin from the trunk, so simply removing the rear seat would likely provide access.

Can’t speak for all vehicles but the ones I am familiar with the holding screws can only be accessed from inside the trunk . Besides how many 1964 Ford Galaxies are still on the road.