Classic car lockout

Is there a way (without damage) to get into the trunk of a 1953 Chevrolet convertible with broken linkage in the latch?

Can you remove the back seat and get in that way?

It depends on where the linkage is broken. A locksmith might be able to help.

I doubt that a '53 Chevy has that option. My 65 Chevy didn’t, the trunk was enclosed the whole way.

Try prying off the lock and sticking a finger in the hole(I know that sounds dirtier than I intend :P) looking for a release mechanism.

It appears there’s a solid panel between where the top stores and the trunk.<b>1953<%2Fb>+Chevrolet+<b>Convertible<%2Fb>+-+AFTER&imgSize=428624&


Remove the rear seat back. If there are holes in the support panel a socket, rachet and a few long extensions might get the latch off. If not Curly Howard would say “I’d blast”.

Thanks, folks. The locksmiths won’t touch it, and there is a solid steel panel behind the rear seat/top stowage. Still hoping someone has one of these and can see a way in, with the benefit of being able to look inside the trunk, before the blasting starts.

Remove the seat back cushion and drill a hole with a hole saw. These can cut metal. It might be pricey but there are rachet extensions that lock together so they do not come apart. You do not need a special permit for these but you will need a blasting permit.

If you can’t find an easy way in here, have a look here:

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I scrolled through 20 pages on the 49-54’s but no trunk lock questions.

Somebody will know how to open it without doing damage.

Tons of GM vehicle info here.

Sounds to me like you will probably end up replacing the latch mechanism no matter what. Why not get the replacement and study it? Maybe a way to force the latch with minimal collateral damage will suggest itself.

If they don’t know what’s in the trunk to begin with, cutting into it might not be a good idea