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Car trunk wont open

my trunk has always opened on my car whenever I hit the button on my keys or in the car. it just stopped opening. any ideas on how I can get it opened?

Well, you don’t list what year car this is so I would suspect that there is a place on the trunk lid for a key to open it.

Key? A key you say? What’s a key? Is that like a typewriter or something obsolete? Check the fuses, then see the dealer.

I put 1993, key really I never thought , key I got when I bought the car doesn’t work. must of had lock changed at some point.

Its doubtful they would have changed the trunk lock. More likely there is a different door key than ignition key. There are those little knock outs from the keys with the codes on that should have been left in the glove box or somewhere that would give the key codes. Or the dealer or locksmith may be able to look it up based on the VIN and cut a new key. If the the lock was actually changed and not just rusted up, a locksmith will need to open it and re-key the lock.

Sometimes the rear seat back can be removed to gain access to the trunk to open the lid.


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Have you looked in your owner’s manual? I’ll bet there’s a button somewhere in the passenger compartment.

I just yesterday spent a half hour discussing this with the salesman for, and looking over, a new Yaris.
Apparently both opening the trunk with the key and mechanical trunk opening systems are things of the past.

I thought they said they tried the button in the passenger compartment?


You’re right. I overlooked that.
I guess they’ll have no choice but to leave the body in the trunk. :grin:

If you have fold down rear seats there should be an emergency release in the trunk, otherwise seat removal I guess.

LOL! I don’t think the Buick is an approved Mafia staff car. I’ve heard the early 1960s Lincoln Continental trunks could easily hold 4 bodies. So far advice is appropriate. If the dealer can’t solve it a locksmith can replace the lock which would come with new keys. If all else fails pry it open with the tire iron. Aw cr*p. It is locked in the trunk.

My 59 Catalina could hold 6.

Seriously though, Becky said on hers keys, the key fob. If the doors also will not unlock the battery in the key fob needs replacing. If doorlocks still work then most likely the trunk solenoid.

I’d guess it was the wiring to the solenoid. On that car the wiring harness passes right by the driver side trunk hinge, and sometimes gets rubbed/pinched by the hinge until one breaks.

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That’s how you can tell a casual friend from a true friend.
A casual friend will help you move.
A true friend will help you move a body.

Seriously, it’s impossible for a normal size human to get through the access holes behind he seats. They’re designed to accommodate skis, and ski poles, and the occasional 2X4. They’re not designed to access the trunk.

Which gives me pause to wonder… in sedans the feds require trunk lids to be able to be opened from inside the trunk with a manual release. I believe it was enacted in response to kids getting accidently locked into trunks. But I don’t know if the statute applies when the trunk is readily accessible to the passenger compartment by pushing the rear setback forward. There may not even be a release in the trunk.

Your car came with two keys, a key with a square handle for the ignition and one with an oval handle for the doors and trunk. If you don’t have a key for the doors or the key doesn’t function in the doors/trunk you may try a new key cut at a dealer by using the VIN and manufactures key code data.