60K Infiniti Major Service

My 2000 Infiniti I30 is almost at 60K (NO problems! I’ve just put in my 2nd Techron Concentrate.) Am I being smart in just requesting specific services at this time, instead of the Dealer Scan ($90.) plus replacements it might reccommend ($500.+)?

Like: Fuel-filter (in-tank)

Clean throttle chamber

Adjust base idle & timing to specs

Adjust Drive Belt tension (or replace if needed)

Lube prop shaft (if equipped)?

Lube all hinges & steering stops

Replace PCV valves & hoses

? Induction service?




Review the owner’s manual for what Infiniti recommends at 60K miles, and compare to the dealer list. Get rid of anything not in the owner’s manual unless there is an engine performance problem. You didn’t list spark plug change, but I would consider getting them changed even if the owner’s manual doesn’t call for it. See if there is a recommended interval on the fuel filter; you may not need to do it at this time.

Don’t know what the dealer scan will do for you; it makes big bucks for the dealer, though. Take your list of services to a trusted independent mechanic, and you can bring the total cost down, compared to the dealer.

Fuel filter isn’t a bad idea. I don’t know why the idle would be off or need to be adjusted at this point seeing how the car has a timing chain. The serpentine belt needs to be looked at. Your car isn’t AWD so it doesn’t have a prop shaft. With a can of WD-40 you can do the lubing yourself. The PCV valve should last another 30k easily. Skip the induction service. The only thing that you should consider getting done is the fuel filter. What about the air filter or spark plugs? I would considered having the plugs changed now, even though they are supposed to be good for 100k miles, by that time it can be surpremely difficult getting them out.

Also think about new brake fluid and bleed, new power steering fluid, trans fluid change NOT flush and new anti freeze

In the absence of specific problems, just do what the schedule of recommended services specifies. If you follow that and fix the wear items when needed, your I30 should be good for at least another 200k miles.