$600 radio button caps

I have a 2007 MB 350. On the dash are buttons to key the audio system and dial the bluetooth phone. Two of the buttons–the 3 & 6–have split down the center and fallen off!

My dealer tells me those are not available and not under warranty. In order to cover the holes in the panel they must replace the entire system to the tune of $1200!

I’ve argued that they should be warranted since they’re obviously defective in that only two have split–they’re very thin plastic. I’ve also asked about acquiring the number caps from a distributor and MB says they’re not available.

I told them the only way I could get them might be to rent a MB from them and steal the buttons–they didn’t think much of that idea.

Finally I suggested they find button caps from a car that has had the system removed to no result.

I told them yesterday that I guess I’ll drive this expensive car with the two buttons missing for the next four years until I buy a Lexus, although I’ve driven MB’s for 10 years or so.

Any suggestions for replacing this item of fine German engineering?

this is unreal.their got to be a way to either buy them online.or call a different dealership.for $600 dollars i would make my own.your not the first one this has happend to.you would would think they would try to get these buttons to keep the customer happy.since you just bought the car in 2007.and a expensive car at that. rob

This is just stupid… not covered under warranty!!!

Call another dealership. If that doesn’t work, call MB corporate. Explain to them just how much money you’ve spent on their cars over the last 10 years and this will be the last one you purchase.

Call MB but leave off the.“this is the last MB I will ever purchase” In fact lay it on heavy how much you like MB and how great they are,and how good everyone connected with MB treats you…you get the idea.