Mercedes CLK - Bluetooth


Wonder if anyone can help! Just bought a 2007 CLK 350 WITHOUT a “premium package.” I want to hook up a Bluetooth to get my cell phone to work through the car speakers. The car has all the buttons on the dash and steering wheel to control a phone.

Dealer is telling me that the car isn’t “pre-wired” to do this but he can install a “kit” for $2500! I thought that all I would have to do is install Bluetooth (about $450).

Can anyone give me some advice? Options? Is the dealer BSing me?


Let me see if I understand this. You just bought a $50,000 automobile and want to “chintz out” and save some pennies by jury rigging in the Bluetooth?

Sorry, but this is a premium luxury car. Yes, it will cost you way more than it should to have the dealer install the proper “kit”, but that’s the hidden cost of owning a premium luxury car. If you want everything to be covered by the warranty without any problems, pay the $2500 and let him do his thing.