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I did not have a 60k service check now my Jeep is going on 70k with what no real problems that I can tell. I just had an oil change and an employee suggested I change trans and power steering fluids and a list of other things I cant remember. Would it be wise for me to schedule a 60k service check now, is it too late? Would it be better to fix just what I need to do and pay individually for what is needed or pay for full package? How much should I expect to pay? I plan on keeping this Jeep for the long haul.

I always had a hard time accepting that every car needed the same systems serviced at the same accumulated mileage. Anyone have an idea when this 15/30/60/90 thing started.

Jeep, just what does a 60K on your jeep include?

an employee suggested

They are likely to suggest many things and you get to pay for all of them, he likely will get a commission.

In your glove box should be a small book called the owner’s manual. You want to read it cover to cover. You will likely find some neat stuff about your car you never knew. One thing that will be in there is the Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. I suggest you not only read about it, but make sure everything on the list is up to date.

Now if it is not listed and if you have an automatic transmission, I strongly recommend you replace the fluid ever 30 - 40,000 miles. Have the filter cleaned at the same time. It will be cheaper in the long run.