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6.2 diesel in a 98 Astro

can you put a 6.2 diesel in a 98 Astro? Do the motor mounts line up? Will it fit in the space?

I really doubt it. The stock V6 is already crammed in there pretty tight. I can’t imagine a diesel V8 would leave enough room for other things… like a radiator, or accesories (ie power steering, brakes, battery…)

I’m not sure about a 6.2 diesel, but there are other diesels to consider. A company called Quiggly (? I might not have the correct spelling) converts almost any domestic van into a capable four wheel drive vehicle for work and sports. You might want to contact them and pick their brain since they have a ton of experience.

It takes a lot to put a SBC 350 cid in one. I doubt you will make it fit without serious fabrication. Plus, the modifications to the fuel system alone will cost big too.

Probably not. There was a thread a few months ago concerning putting an Isuzu turbo-diesel in GM trucks. This might work, and you could (maybe) use the existing transmission. Do a web search for the conversion. Someone sells the kit.

My first thought is there’s no way in heck the front suspension on an Astro can handle the weight of a large diesel engine. Maybe a 3 cylinder yanmar engine, but not a 6.2 Detroit.

My next thought is the motor mounts are going to be the least of your worries. You’ll need a new tranny, probably have to engineer a driveline. Then you’ll have to engineer the controls for the engine, mounting the engine, somewhere to put the larger radiator you’ll need for that engine.

You’d be better off to strip the body off a pickup and put an Astro body on the pickup frame. You’ll probably need a couple Astro bodies to cover the entire pickup frame to make this Frankenstein.


I worked fo Chevrolet in 1998 the Astro was one of my favorite and best money making cars to work on.The all-wheel drive version was not so popular. I didnt work heavy-line but these guys would cut the core support out to take the engine out. (I dont think GM had a problem with this tecnique)Some would replace engines through the side door,glad it wasnt me.


#2 anything is possible with a large amount of cash.

#3 why?