Biodiesel Conversion for 1987 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton 4x4

I love the utility of my Suburban, but can no longer afford to drive it with gasoline over $3 a gallon. I would like to do a biodiesel conversion to maybe a 6.2 Chevy Diesel or other appropriate engine, but I have no desire to suffer the learning curve in this endeavor by reinventing the wheel if somebody out there has already done this conversion. Anybody out there?

Frankly I doubt if it would be cost effective to convert even if you are going to do the work yourself and it certainly would be cost foolish to have someone do it.

Swapping the 6.2 into your truck would be very easy and is a common swap. It will bolt right up to your transmission, and I believe the engine mounts are the same. In stock form the 6.2 is kind of gutless, but it gets highway MPGs up into the high teens, low 20?s?that?s assuming you have the 700R4 trany. If you have the manual trany your fuel economy will be lower. For more power you can by a turbocharger kit, which works quite well with these engines. There is tons of Chevy truck info. here: There is an entire folder in the forum devoted to the 6.2.

As for biodiesel, I assume you mean you want to run a blended diesel/bio diesel? IMHO It?s not worth running 100% bio unless you have cheap and easy access to it; less energy in the fuel than regular diesel.